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You remember Nvidia Vision which consisted of:

and a companion software with the Nvidia Vision Player and a 3D meter which can be adjusted.
But What if you already have a Full 3DTV what would you do ?? Buy Nvidia 3DTV Play with it you can:
  1. Play 3D videos without a 3D blue-ray player but only with a Blu-ray 3D player software because these GPUs support Blu-ray 3D playback with video decoding done on the CPU.
  2. Connects Nvida card work on a 3DTV withought getting the Nvidia vision kit enabling you to play 3D games not as good as playing games in semi 3D with the 3DTV only.Since the 3D effect is rendered by the GeForce GPU, 3DTV Play™ lets you increase or decrease 3D depth or turn it on and off in real time using keyboard hotkeys.
  3. Fully supports 3D video file playback from your PC using the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Video player.
So How It Works?
  1. Connect GPU to the 3DTV using the HDMI Cable
  2. Install the NVIDIA driver on your 3D Vision PC to enable 3DTV Play
    a)  Install the GeForce Release 260 drivers.  The GeForce Release 260 drivers include the core 3DTV Play driver features such as control panel, setup wizard, and game profiles.  
    b)  Install the 3D Vision Controller Driver.  This driver supports the 3D Vision USB IR emitters and Notebooks with built‐in IR emitters.  The 3D Vision IR emitter is
    used to enable 3DTV Play only and does not emit IR codes when 3DTV Play is operating.  
NOTE:When using 3DTV Play™ software to connect to a 3D TV, 3D Vision active shutter glasses are not used. Instead the 3D TV manufacturer's 3D glasses are used.
NOTE:(3D Vision IR emitter is required to activate 3DTV Play software on your PC)That's 3D vision specific. In other words to prove you are valid for the free upgrade you need the emitter. Those who pay for just the 3DTV Play software do not need it.

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    1. My new 3DTV makes watching TV such a thrilling experience.

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