The Masons and The Illuminati

Posted by Ali Reda | Posted in | Posted on 4/24/2011

Freemasons first appeared as a science faction although they where devoted Christians they allowed free religion and fought the church's influence on science.At first they were a group of builders sharing amazing geometrical secrets in buildings (Their slogan) then evolved to a group of free thinkers and men of science who believed in freedom and in god (The Great Architect if the Universe). Their freedom influence was seen in the french and American revolution (Washington and Jefferson who read the Koran).
They are often mixed with the illuminati (the group who believes in a new world order) and world domination who took many symbols of the masons (like the all seeing eye and the black room during the first ritual) and even is believed to have infiltrated the masons lodges hence came the theories of masons and world domination.(Jeferson admired adam wisehopt the founder of the illuminati)

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