The Hero Of A Thousand Faces

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Jung's idea of the "Archetypes" constantly repeating characters who occur in the dreams of all people and the myths of all cultures. Jung believed that these archetypes are reflections of the human mind - that our minds divide themselves into these characters to play out the drama of our lives. Stories built on the model of THE HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES have an appeal that can be felt by everyone, because they spring from a universal source in the collective unconscious, and because they reflect universal concerns.

The Hero Cycle
The Hero is introduced in his ordinary world
The hero is presented with a problem, challenge, or adventure,
The Hero is reuctant at first
The Hero is encouraged by the wise old man or woman who becomes his mentor
The hero passes the first threshold by fully entering the special world and there's no turning back,
The hero is forced to make allies and enemies in the special world, and to pass certain tests and challenges
 that are part of his training. 
The Hero reaches the inner most cave where the object of his quest is hidden.
The Hero endures the supreme ordeal facing death in the fight with the beast
The Hero seizes the treasure having survived the ordeal 
The hero is pursued by the vengeful forces on the road back
The hero is resurected by emerging from the special world, transformed by his experience.
The hero comes back to his ordinary world with the treasure 
The order of the hero's stages as given here is only one of many variations. The stages can be deleted, added to, and drastically reshuffled without losing their power.

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