Virtual Box Images Deployment

Posted by Ali Reda | Posted in | Posted on 10/07/2015

zip files and ovf file

Select File->Import Appliance and choose SampleAppv207_OBI_11. file. Select ‘Next’. In Appliance Import Settings screen, go to the Virtual Disk Image property. Change the path to a desirable location where you’d like to create the deployed disk image files and click on Finish. It might take about 45 mins to import. After completing import, you may delete the unzipped .ovf and .vmdk files because you have created the new vbox and vmdk files.

vdi(ORACLE Virtual Box) or vmdk(VMWARE) disc image files

Select New -> Oracle Linux (64-bit) -> use existing Harddisk and spicfy the vdi or vmdk image file location, Once finished you can't delete the vdi or the vmdk file because you need it as you have created only vbox file.

Note: Oracle VM VirtualBox can open VMware native virtual machine hard drive files in .vmdk format. But VMware can't open VirtualBox .vdi files.

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