What is The Logos ?

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emphasized the unstoppable movement of nature. One cannot step in the same river twice; both the river and the self have changed since the first time. Nevertheless, he saw that change did not mean sheer chaos. Hence he found in the universe a rationality which is the Logos.


believed that the world was capable of being known through a human rationality that corresponds to or participates in the rationality of the universe,i.e. The Logos is the Sum of Human Rationality The world soul (Anima mundi) is an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet forming the Logos.


equates the Logos with God, so God is the Sum of Human Rationality.The soul of the universe, which is composed of many seminal logoi that are contained in the universal logos


Logos is the principle of meditation, the interrelationship between the Hypostases (Soul, Spirit (nous) and the 'One


Represented the Logos as the Hebrew word of God, as colored by the later idea of the divine Wisdom which is the Hand which god uses to intervene in the physcial world and results in all what is happening, so it is the relation between God and Man,being both the agent of creation and the agent through which the human mind can apprehend and comprehend God including Nature and Angels but His Problem was "Is the Logos Seperate from God or a Part of God??"


The Logos is Christ

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