Germanic Tribes

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The Celtic tribes Starting from Austria, expanded by migration to the British Isles (Insular Celts) and France (Gauls).

The modern English people are descendants of the Germanic tribes Angles and Saxons from Germany hence called Anglo-Saxons.

The Vikings or Norse were seafaring north Germanic people from Scandinavia.

The Huns were a group of nomadic people who first appeared in Europe from east of russia and north of china, they formed an empire until they were defeated under Attila by the western roman empire.

The Goths were an East Germanic people from Scandinavia, two of whose branches, the Visigoths who founded a Kingdom in Spain and Portugal and the Ostrogoths who founded a kingdom in italy but was captured by the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Vandals were a branch of the Goths an East Germanic tribe from Scandinavia who established a kingdom in the Roman Africa provincethey were defeated by the Eastern Roman Empire. Renaissance and Early Modern writers characterized the Vandals as barbarians, "sacking and looting" Rome. This led to the use of the term vandalism, to describe any senseless destruction, particularly the barbarian defacing of artworks.

The Lombards were a Germanic tribe from southern Scandinavia, They established a Lombard Kingdom in Italy, the Kingdom was conquered by the Frankish King Charlemagne and integrated into his Empire. However, Lombard nobles continued to rule parts of the Italian peninsula well into the 11th century when they were conquered by the Normans and added to their County of Sicily.

The Franks were tribes from south Germany,they formed a kingdom on Roman-held soil in Gaul land, the Frankish tribes were united under the Merovingians.

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