Kenshin Style

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Hiten Mitsurugi Style - Kenshin's style

Ryuu Tsui Sen
the user jumps into the air, at the peak of the jump (the point at which there is no air or gravity resistence, the user reverses postions so that the sword is held with one hand stretched downward and the other other hand grasping the handle of the sword behind the tsuba (hand gaurd) kissaki point toward into the air. then just before contact both hands are placed on the handle and it delivers a crushing blow to the head or shoulders. Now in Kenjutsu most school taught very little about defending from an ariel attack so therefore the Ryuu Tsui Sen is a very useful move.

Ryuu Tsui Sen-Zan
a dirivitive of the original Ryuu Tsui Sen basicly instead of a downward slash it is a downward stab kissaki(blade tip) first.

Ryuu Shou Sen
The user grasps the handle at the end and using the other hand places it on the mune (back edge of the blade) so that the sharp edge is facing up. Then jumping or thrusting with the help of the left hand the sword is thrust at the target. again this is a very useful move because of the swiftness and the fact that it's an effective anti air move.

Sou Ryuu Sen
The Sou Ryuu Sen if a nidan battou jutsu (a second level battou jutsu) Holding the katana in the scabbard in a traditional Battou Jutsu stance (a traditional Battou Jutsu stance would be with the Right leg forward and crouching back on the left leg sword in the left hand with the blade pushed out just past the friction point and the right hand out or on the handle. now when drawn theres a possibility that you'll miss therefore instead of leaving youself totally open you swing the saya forward and strike with it. again this is a very useful move although if you were skilled enough chances are you wouldnt miss the primary strike.

Sou Ryuu Sen Ikatsuchi
this is also a dirivitive in which you lead with the saya using it as more of a distraction while landing the blow with the katana.

Hi (pronounced hee) Ryuu Sen
this is a left handed battou jutsu. its used as more of a suprise attack than anything else. Spinning in the to the left the user then slams his thumb into the tsuba (hand gaurd) and propels the sword at his/her opponent.

Ryuu Kan Sen
this move is a split second reaction move. When attacked the user block the sword and spins to the right while moving toward the opponents back. then the katana i brough around and slams into the base of the opponents neck. Very Lethal with a real sword.s

Ryuu Kan Sen-Tsumuji
here the user jumps into the attack and swing around to strike the base of the neck.

Ryuu Kan Sen-Arashi
the user spins into a ball sword stretched out to strike the opponent

Ryuu Kan Sen-kogarashi
standing in behind the opponent the user spins infront to strike in the neck.

Ryuu Mei Sen
a literally Notoujutsu a reverse battou jutsu. by slamming the sword into its scabbard he was able to paralyse Enishi by creating a shockwave from the sheathing of his sword.

Ryuu Sou Sen
a primitive form of the Kuzu Ryuu Sen (see bottom) this move basically strikes the nine vital points of the body many times at high speed.

Ryuu Sou Sen-Garami
this move like the Ryuu Sou Sen strikes many time at high speeds but focuses on one point.

Dou Ryuu Sen
this move has the user slice his or her sword very fast near the ground the movement of the sword will draw up rocks and hurl them at the opponent.

Kuzu Ryuu Sen
this is the first of the two ougis(succesions techniques) of the HIten Mitsurugi school. this move hits the nine vital points of the body all at once. only the Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki can defend against this.

Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki
This is the ultamite God Speeded Battou Jutsu. Only One who is not afraid of Death can master this technique. The Master uses the Kuzu Ryuu Sen against the user. Then the user goes into a normal Battou Jutsu Stance. Then leading with the left leg (this is highly unusual because the battou jutsu technique is taught to use the right leg to avoid being cut on the draw) the user slashes out. The force of the Blade seperates the air and draws things into it to fill the void. Then Pivoting on the left leg the user again slashes. The master usually dies in the teaching of this technique. Hiko Seijurou is an exception to this, as Kenshin uses the Sakabatou Shin Uchi(saka=reversed ba=sound change on the word "ha" which means edge tou=sword Shin Uchi=Holy Blade*.
*when one makes a unique sword often times there are a couple copies of the blade made. The cheaper ones are sold off or given away and the master copy or the Holy sword is often dedicated to a shrine.

Kodachi Nitou Ryuu - Shinomori Aoshi's Style.

Onmiyo Hasshi
this is a thrown sword technique similar to the Hi Ryuu Sen, Except the user pushes the aikuchi kodachi (tsubaless short sword) into the first kodachi. that way if the first kodachi is countered there is still the second one.

Onmyo Kousa
after the lead Kodachi connects with the opponent/object the second kodachi hits the mune (the other side of the blade) and puts pressure on it to do further damage.

Goku Juu Ji
this move is like a pair of siccors. holding both kodachi's forward in an X shape edges out the user swings them away from eachother in a siccor like effect.

Ougi Kaiten Kenbu Roku Ren
This is the ougi of the Oniwabanshuu Kodachi Nitou Ryuu. reversing the hold on the swords so that both blades are facing backwards the user starts in and leads with either the left or right hand after that 5 more slashes follow in close sucession.

Tennen Rishin Ryuu - Saitou Hajime's style actually the style for the whole Shinsengumi.

Saitous special technique. dirived from the shinsengumi specialty Hirazuki. Actually the Gatotsu is a made up by Watsuki Nobuhiro. but Saitous actual technique which was considered to be more powerful that Okitas 3 step pierce was his left handed forward thrust.

Gatotsu Ishiki - Standard attack of his Gatotsu, in which Saitou charges horizantally and straightforward.

Gatotsu Nishiki - Lunging with the sword lifted at an angle, otherwise the same as Ishiki.

Gatotsu Sanshiki - Vertical manuever of the Gatotsu, lunging downwards to strike.

Gatotsu Zeroshiki - Basically Gatotsu from point blank range. This utilizes all the upper-body strength. 
Taikuu no Gatotsu
an anti air version of the Gatotsu.

Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu - Amakusa Shougo's specialty

slightly fast and stronger than Kenshin he learned the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu from his uncle who had failed to inheirete the Ougi. Amakusa Shougo is a Christian that is worshiped as the son of God because of his lightinig swiftness in battle.

Rai Ryuu Sen
a technique specially made by him it reflects the sun of moon light off his katana into his opponents eyes blinding them.

Ama Kakeru Ryuu No Hirameki
his ougi loses to kenshins in their battle and Kenshin is still blind.

Street Fighting - Sagara Sanosuke's fighting style

Futae no Kiwami
a literal double pounch. The first punch hits with the knucles but then if followed by the rest of the fist without resistance and can literally disinigrate objects and if it cant totally disinigrate it it causes a large dent

Kiwami Hasugi
by punching youself with the Futae No Kiwami it can cancel out another
Futae Kiwami.

Sanjuu No Kiwami
First the user starts off witht the Futae No Kiwami but on contact snaps out his fingers as the second hit.

Kamiya Kashin Ryu - Kaoru's and Yahiko's style

Ougi no Kiwami Hadachi
A Shirahadori that catches the end of the blade and snaps the tip off.

A reverse Shirahadori. Grabbing the opponents blade between the backs of the hands the user then flips the opponent into the ground.

after catching the sword or staff using the Hawatari the user then slides along the blade and then lets go of the sword/staff and jams the hilt of his/her sword into the opponents chin or throat

Soujirou Seta's Techniques

Seta uses two techniques called Shukuchi (reduced earth) and Shun Ten Satsu (instant heaven's kill).

Is a natural spring in his muscles that allow him to move at his top speed without needing to build up or use too much energy

Shun Ten Satsu
When he uses his technique called the Shukuchi previously described then nears his opponent and uses a self taught Battou-Jutsu

Garyuu Watou Jutsu. - Yukishiro Enishi's sword style

Its a continental form of Kenjutsu *continent being China* it uses a Nihontou with a flexable martial art. so... *Watou Jutsu means Japanese Sword Technique*
*Kick attack sword force*
in this move the user puts his foot against the blade in an upward kick to put more force to the blade hence the name kick attack sword force

*Returning Thrust Sword Force*
when Enishi first uses this attack its after blocking kenshin Ryuu Kan Sen with the butt of his sword then spinning on his right foot he stabs the sword forward

*Palm of Hand breaking sword force*
Enishi grabs the blade and does an overhead slash as it goes over his head he uses the palm of his other hand to push the sword faster on its way down.

*upward heaven's sword force*
Enishi plants his sword into the ground and wraps teh tassle around his hand. the stepping on the butt of the sword he pushes off and pulls the sword with the tassle.

in this attack Enishi sinks to the ground but then does a series of wide slashes in a circle at the opponent

Enishi jumps into the air and bring his sword up for a long overhead slash. *note* during the execution of this technique against Kenshin he does a litteral in air double jump*note end*
this move can also be done on the way down from the air much like Kenshin's Ryuu Tsui Sen

Enishi stabs his sword into his opponent and lifts them into the air and then slams them into the ground

*Japanese Sword Style Ultamite Technique: Crouching Tiger's Ultamite Sword Force*
Enishi first hold his sword so the the kissaki points into the sky edge away from himself. his hand has his pointer and middle fingers pointing at the ground while to others are wrapped around the handle. When he executes this technique he sinks to the ground one foot stretched as far out as it can go and the other tucked under him. his sword spins around til its facing forward and he leaps into an attack. In his first fight with Kenshin hes able to duck the first hit of the Amakakeru Ryuuno Hirameki and dodge the winds that are sucked into the void.

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