Hollywood and Arab and Islam

Posted by Ali Reda | Posted in | Posted on 12/15/2010

They use to stereo type Muslims and Arabs as Billionaires, bombers, and belly dancers.If your going to say that there isn't a single Muslim terrorist then your being ignorant, as there is trouble out there, but one of the ideas behind this whole film is to comfort you that not all Muslim people are like that, and the Middle East isn't that bad a place and we need to start building bridges not tearing them down.

  • Body Of Lies: Ferris and the terrorist leader They argue (Ferris more heatedly) about Islam. Ferris accuses him of misinterpreting the Koran for his own benefit.
  • Syriana:Scapegoated by the CIA, Barnes is killed while attempting to warn the would-be reformist Prince Nasir , that he is being targeted by the CIA (because he would have sold oil rights to the Chinese and not the Americans.) The Prince and his family are all killed in the same US missile strike.The Prince's morally bankrupt brother Meshal succeeds to be king backed by Whiting, an oil company magnate and makes a deal to let them into the country.
  • Green Zone: Reminding people that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the only reason for the Invasion was the oil.

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