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spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion in favor or against a certain organization or public figure. While traditional public relations may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, "spin" often, though not always, implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics.A group of people who develop spin may be referred to as "spin doctors" who engage in "spin doctoring" for the person or group that hired them.
Media is a powerful tool like in the movie Mad city media manipulating people by turning a kind man in bad circumstances into a cold blooded killer.

people are controlled by love , fear or hope
That's how they made the American people accept invading Iraq on false causes, and accept Islam as the new threat and many more.

American policies was always about their goals like
  • Texas congressman Charlie Wilson's covert dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with the Soviets not believing in the Islamic cause but to hit the Russians under the belt so they made Bin Laden and directed him at the Russians but when he was directed at the Americans they called him a terrorist.
  • Invading Iraq on false causes to get a large supply of oil and gain contracts to Americana companies in rebuilding Iraq which they destroyed in the first places.
But when they sell it to the Ameicains
  • Communists hate our freedom that's why we are at war with the Soviets.
  • Islamic Fundamentalists hate freedom that's why we are at war with them.
  • Iraq has Weapons of mass destruction and when they couldn't find them after the invasion thet announced they came to get rid of the dictatorship of Sadam and to bring democracy and freedom.
Any one interested in this topic say the movie (Wag The Dog) starring Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Anne Heche about a Washington spin doctor (De Niro) who distracts the electorate from a presidential sex scandal by hiring a Hollywood producer (Hoffman) to create a fake war and the people actually believed that.

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